Friday, April 13, 2018

Ashes Burn Forever

Deepest poem I ever wrote this is true story, true stuff man. Deep. Welcome to my World. 

People Don't Believe You. 
Who Carez. Believe In Yourself.
Believe In You.
Most Importantly Feel The Burn. 
Once You Cross Over...
There Is No Going Back...

I Would Never Cross Over...

I Grow Restless Sometimes Afraid To Sleep
Because She Might Choose To Visit Me 
Messes Up My Whole Day Like No Way!
In My Dreams Again! She Won't Go Away!
She's Always Asking Questions With Lessons
So My Next Day I Am Always In Moods Stressin 
Second Guessin My Acts For They Are Brutal 
Ima Rottweiler Pit-bull Boxer Not A Poodle
Split Your Mellon And Slirp Up The Noodles!
Numeral Uno! Poems Are Just My Doodles!
My Heart Loves Like A Loyal Organ
So Weird I Still Have Love For Morgan
The Rest Of My Exes I Am Still True
This Is My Life So I Will Fill In The BLANKS!
Do You Think Those Men Have Love For Skanks?
They Just Use You For Your Monkey - That's It
You Just A Bag To Them - Paper Or Plastic?
I Don't Get Why Y'all Change Ya Hair?
Use Money To Improve What You Wear?
Like I Care What The Outside Is DOING!
Its What's On The Inside That's Dear To Me!
I Hope The Girl I Die With Is Deep Inside!
So If Your Untrue You Just Living A Lie!
I Love You Still And I Ry Will With Iron 
If A Lady Burns Me I Will Hire Then Fire Them!
I'm The Legendary Digital Dominating Beast!
Last Supper? Naw Dawg We Continue To FEAST!
It's A Curse When You Say Forever! 
It's A Gift That You Two Are Still Together...



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