Thursday, May 3, 2018

You Won't Make It To Round 2

You Fools Are Programmed By The Programmers!
Thatz Why You All Get Locked Up By The Door Slammerz!


If You Never Heard Of Me You Must Not Be Listening
Mess With Me And End Up On A Milk Carton Missing
I Am The Master Of The What? Press Next >
Watch Me Hit 'Enter' Without An Inch Of A Flex!! 
Put A Hex On Your Facebook Account Now Bounce
Before I Break You Down Like Dealers Do To An Ounce
They Like Ry He Dissed You So It's "Crunch Time"
It's A TKO!! From My Rhymes Of Punch Linez
Float Like A Butterfly And Sting Like A Bumble Bee
There's Not A Soul That Can Land A Punch On Me
Me And My Reeporz Roast You Thatz How We Smoke!
They Even Changed It To Murder That "HE" Wrote
After I Appeared From The Shadows Of Darkness
"July The Rise Of Ry!!" This Fire I'll Start It! 
Watch The Smoke Float Away To The Sky Above!
We In It To Win It As We Fly Like A Dove In Love!
Squak!! Squak!! But We Go "CHIRP CHIRP"
I Apologize That My Poems Hurt Yeah They Hurt! 
I Feel So Much Pain, Another Bitch And Her Drama! 
I Just Want To Shove This Bitch Back In Her Momma!
Bitches Bring Knifes To A Gun Fight And Get Popped
Even If There's Metal Detectors You Will Still Get Dropped >

How Do You Become Champion?
How Do Become A Champion For Dummiez


First Of All..
Change The Way How Things Are Written
Don't Worry About Views And Comments
There Are No Rules So Don't Be Fooled
You Have To Research Like You In School
You Must Study The Structure And Codes
Study Much As You Can Everyday
Education Is The Most Important Weapon
Wisdom Is Power And That's A True Fact! 
Stay Away From The Fake. 
Fake Doesn't Exist Being Fake You Won't Exist. 
You Must Be Yourself And Let Nobody Change You. 
Love Yourself! 
Double Love Yourself! 
Don't Let People Tell You What To Do >
Don't Let People Criticize You! 
Whatever Is Necessary To Continue. 

Tired Of Being Broke? 
You Have A Bunch Of Dreams? 
Set Some Goals! 
Think Positive And Keep Going!
Everything Else Is Old! 
They Want You To Struggle! 
LAZY? Now Keep Hustling >
You Must Gain The Will Power!

Remember Your Rights! 


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