Saturday, May 26, 2018

We Go Pew! Pew!

We Go Pew! Pew! They Shooting! 
Everybody Duck Like Donald They Shooting!
Everybody Run Like Bolt They Shooting!
We Go Pew! Pew! 

My Pen Shoots Lazzors That Go Pew Pew 
My Verses Flow Right Through You
Like Whoops - "Ry Killed Another One!"
You Get Deleted Son After I'm Done
Written In Stone In A Form Of A Sonnet
 We Collide It's The Impact Of A Comet
Dig A Hole Or Rocket You To Space
Or I'll Just Eat Up Your Entire Face!
Whatever I Feel Like At That Moment 
I Treat Foes Like Caspar How I Ghost Em
Toke And Smoke With A Poltergeist
Conquered The Army That Fought Christ
Eternal Peace You Have To Believe In Me
And Chug The Blood Of Your Enemies
Leave Them Speechless And Toothless!
Yeah I Am Rude - Ry Be Ruthless!

We Go Pew! Pew!
We Shoot! 
We Go Pew! Pew! 
Pew! PEW!
Who You? 
Yes You! 
We Go
Pew! Pew! 

Surfing On My Air Board In The Sky
Grinding A Rainbow Treating It Like A Slide
Line After Line It Hooks The Fish
They Read The Words And It's A Hit 
A Pitch That Hit The Bat And Boom! 
Out Of The Park From My Own Room! 
Online Is Full Of Outlaws And Hackers
Dreamers, Comedians And Slackers 
Trolls, Predators And New Blood! 
My Facebook Is Lit So Step Up Thug! 
Get Deleted From The Reaper Of The Net 
Write A Story And Present It Coming Up Next
Another Killing Or A Thrilling Science Fiction
We Write And Write Just To Try To Fit In
It's Never Enough We Must Keep Going
It's Never Enough They Say Keep Going 

We Go Pew! Pew!
We Shoot! 
We Go Pew! Pew! 
Pew! PEW!
Who You? 
Yes You! 
We Go
Pew! Pew! 

If Anybody Copies Me It Will Be Fatal
My Pen Has Every Counter Accounted For
You Won't Be Able To Top The Talent
I Have The Magic To Obtain The Balance
I Blow Up Like An ISIS Marauder In A Crowd
I Found A New Pow Wow And It's Loud!
I Take Over Forums And Facebook Groups
Eat Up Chicken Noodles As My Favorite Soup
I Drop The "A-B-C's" Like An Disease! Please!
I Should Of Died Years Ago! Geeese! Laweese!
Would Somebody Tell Grim That He's Late
I'm The Ryno, The Ryce And The Phrancestine
ChipMonk, RyDyno, Willy And Oh Random Ry >
It Doesn't Matter What You Call Me
Hall Of Fame Is Ry And Forever Balling!




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