Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rymon Sayz!

Yo Whatcha Doing On The Ground GET UP! 
One, Two, Three Get The Fuck Up! 
Pump Yo Fist In The Sky
It's Time We Take This Site
Rymon Sayz! Get Up!
Rymon Sayz! Get The Fuck Up!!!

Naptown Where You At 
Chitown Where You At 
Saint Louey Where You At 
Mid West Is Where Itz AT! 

If You Enter The Zone I'll Eradicate You
Decapitate You - Broz N Booz Get It Too 
Your Fate Is True And Your Status Is Fake
The Greatest And Baddest Out Of The Gate
Welcome The Ry Or Prepare To Fight
I Flip 'Red' To Green Like A Traffic Light
How You Going Put Me In The 'Red' 
Everybody That's Tried  Is "DEAD"
Your Shits In The 'Red' Like Bleeding Turds  
While I Break Bread Like I Was Feeding Birds
They Call Ry A Wizard Because Of 'Spell'-ING
My Words Will "Put You Down" You In Hell-G!
You Going Get Toasted You Better Learn Quick
Put That Project Up And Watch Ry Burn It!
I Am Facing Satan Every Wake Of The Day
He's Trying To Put My Body In The Grave
My Soul Will Not Fade Away Though
Another Body Will Be Born That I'll Hold 
When I Do - I'll Rise Again As The Aggressor
Mixing Up Chemicals Like I Was A Professor
Blowing Up Your Whole Crew Or Tribe
We Do It To Thrive And For All The Pride
My Sylent Kyntez Turned Into 300 Spartans
You Can't Even Touch Em Or Harm Them! 
They Just Dropped Two Phonies Out Of Rank
We Fly Like Jets But Blast Big Like A Tank!
Yeah It Does Matter - Pockets Become Fatter
Now Everybody Is Searching For The Ladder
I Grab The Title Like I Was H-B-K
Sweet Chin Music Better Make Way Babe!!


I Drop 200 Milligrams Of Sleep 
Just To Tranquilize The Beast 
Yo Count The Sheep 
You Mad? Oh We Got BEEF?
I Am Just Counting Sheep! 
Beep! Beep! I Have A Jeep! 
Beep! Beep! 

I Put Up A Quarter Shots Like M-J
You All Need Cream - You All Been Gay
My Rims Keep Spinning
Like Old Ladies On Slots
Ry Keeps On Winning
Like I Wrote Out The Plots

Drop Demons Soon As I Use My Ouija Board 
I Am Like Satan! You Better FEED ME MORE!
Twist This Poltergeists Neck To Pieces
Then Roast His Body And Just Eat It! 
Gobble Him Up You Better Send Your Son
So I Can Hang The Bastard By His Tongue
They Call Me "Heavens Hitman" I Write Sonnets
That Hit 'People' and 'Places' Like Rockets!
The Rhymes Are Casted Spells In The Heart
I'll Either Eat You Up Or Rip You Apart!

Oh You Bad 
I Didn't Cry The Seven Times I Was Arrested! 
These Bitches Cry Over Nothing..Still Breast Feeding
I Am Weaving Through The Snakes In The Lake
Then I Tip Them Like Cows - Turn Em To Steak!
Then Damn Right I Am Going Start Eating Them
Yeah You Called It I Am Going Eat Them Yeap! 
I Am Not Going On Diet I Am Going Eat Her Brains
While She Think She Safe On The Trains
I'ma Kidnap The Bitch And Eat The Bitch!
Be Like Damn Bitch You Taste Sweet Bitch! 
This Is Sick' That Is Sick' Eat Up Her Clit!
Then Brush My Teeth And Use A Tooth Pick!
Eat Them Up Man! Somebody Please Feed Me
Man You Greedy! Oh Don't You Tease Me! 

I Thought You Wanted Peace? 
I Do 
Then Why You So Raw Wanna Be?
I'm Not

Strategy Is The Key? 
I Hope They Not After Me?
We Gotta Be Who We Beat!
They Didn't Find His Teeth! 
Beneath The Earth Is You!
I Thought You Knew! 

Bring Peace! Together! Bring Peace Forever!
Bring Peace! Together! Bring Peace Forever!


I Am Tired Of Arguing Girl! 
I Am Tired Of Arguing Girl! 


Don't Get It Twisted I'ma Female
Shemale? Naw Man I Am Really Male! 
Am I Suppose To Change? 
Or You Suppose To Change? 
Who's To Blame? 
Who Run's This Game? 

Why ER Don't You Love Me? 
Why Brooky Snookie Stunning 
The Viking Blonde Blue Eyes
Don't Love Ry..They Despise!
They Want Me To Fall Not Rise
Why Oh Why? Is This Life? 

I Love You Both
I Love You Both 
I Love You Both
I Love You Both 

Give Me An Answer 
We In The Cancer
We Going Down Now?
You Now In Town? 
You Are Ashamed? 
Shhhh! You A Lame! 
Both Single
Why You Both Single
Single - Didn't Take My Advice? 
Aint That Right? 
What Happen? What Girl? 
I Thought You Ruled The World? 

What's The Latest? Oh Baby! 
You Both Are So Crazy 
What's The Problem Miss Truth? 
You Both Have Serious Issues!
You Suppose To Be Riding With Ry 
Instead You Live Not Right 
You Not Right 
You Both Not Right 
I Was Right 
Natural Born Leader, Right? 
You Suppose To Change! 
I Run This Silly Game >




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