Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Am The Darkest

Pass me the machete
A good baby born evil, born ready
Slice her up thin and thick
So she resembles spaghetti
Dice them up in little pieces
You are now wedding confetti

Another causality, Another tragedy
Patriotic parasite with no sight
Rip off the jaw of the dog
no more bite
Body outlined by the teachers chalk
Hang you with the scarecrow! 

Is how the monster stalks 
Glue your lips to your hips
Is how puppets talk 


Murder my anger
Murder my sadness
Life is in danger

I'll murder the Devil in a flesh
Stab his chest, STAB HIS CHEST

Rip off the horns and stick em

Bite off the tail and rip out his spine
A new seed of evil starts to form   
I want to lick your blood, oh its SO warm 
Write so sick, they don't know 
I died along time ago on the same road
That little Susie Que took her life on
I slit my wrist, finger and palm
Watch the blood sprinkle 
Oh that tickles 
Did you check the children?
Munch your baby 
While you still pregnant
Check them! Check them! 
I'll freeze hell soon as I arrive
You can't hide, you are not even alive
Your a fake imagery stuck in a computer
Stuck in a simulation that has no future    

Naked rotting in a cornfield
Your life is set to end in five more days
Count the ways, Count the bodies
Count the clowns, Count the lady bugs
Murder! Murder!
Stop right there, can't go further

Written on your grand mothers furniture 
Use her fake teeth to eat her flesh
Oh what a mess, WHAT A MESS!!

I'm The D To The E To The
Don't Forget The T And H

Murder in the name of WHAT?

I am the DARKEST..


No need for a trigger, they already know 
Ghost to another Ghost
coast to coast we suppose to be the most feared 
Smear the queer is a game we play around HEEEEEEEERE
You can run to Detroit 
You can try to hide in Chicago
There will be no rain left in New York
I'll be home again in INDIANA
I'm from the land of this very land 
Not from a land that's over sea 
I'm from the land of where the evil be
evil be, evil be, evil be, evil in me?
Evil in YOU? Evil in all of us, SEE
Please don't forgive me, eating
eating your face tonight.
Eating, eating, eating your face 
Your face.
Your face.


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