Friday, July 20, 2018

Murdered By The Moon

There are no foot steps, no trace
On the moon lost in space
No connection to your crime
And if you seek revenge
All you need is the tools to murder

You need your

Pens? Check.
Notepad? Check.
Connection? Check.
Blog? Check.
Website? Check.
Laser beams? Check.
Knights? Check.
Desire? Check.

But be very scared,
For when you start a commotion
The act of karma will be set in motion
And others will rush your head
Until you are dead

They'll have their:

Words? Check.
Will? Check.
Hatred? Check.
Toxin? Check.
Confusion? Check.
Friends? Check.
Revenge? Check.
Desire? Check.

Suit up then fly and float
Suck the blood from the throat
Blood will rush then slurped away
You just died right in space,
It's so cold, they all know
You see the ghost, let go

What you've done, you can't flee
Vengeance is the law for thee
A thousand leagues up in the stars
The murders create the scars
Killing in the name of love
Smashed their skulls, drank their blood

Float in space, still can't escape
Now you fly, try to hide
Poke the knife inside the guy
Thought it was all too soon
Murdered by the moon
You were!
Murdered by the moon!
Don't be!
Murdered by the moon!


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