Monday, July 23, 2018

She Be MIA

Yo Yo
Man I am dark as hell 
Yo Yo 

It Go Something' Something' Something'
Can't Remember Nothing! 
Just Killed Another Babe In Public
Stuck Her Muffin In The Oven!!

She was all about the skull and BONE
Scared, shaking in a realm all alone 
Hello! Hello! 
Little child, take my hand, let me guide you
Will you please help me? So happy I found you..

Pull up at yo mommas crib! 
Yeah we just flip the script! 
These streets ain't safe that's why I blast people away! 
I love Jesus but still evil! 
Wait. Wait. America Made Me This WAY! 
Fuck the police, Fuck the Judge
When Your DEAD It's Hard To Hold A GRUDGE

I am Six in a Flesh, People I Check Off
Must be soft, oh they must be soft...
I hope you ready for the out COME 
You can do research, living is a misery 
It's history of misery 
Living is being in HELL 
 Hello You Are In Hell 
Now worship this, worship that! 
I am so evil, they put me in JAIL for RAP. 
They put me in JAIL for Killing the Notepad
Grab that ho's throat and slash SLASH 
I have the worst DISEASE! 
Fee's! Fee's! The debt is free!
Nobody dares to make a FACEBOOK STATUS 
About Me? You must be SILLY! 
I'll chop off your WILLY! HEHE! 

You are so sick 
Also a huge dick 
A prick son of a bitch 
Itch itch! 
This bitch! 
That I use to go to school WITH 
Added me on Facebook 
Then I told her she wasn't SHIT 
Look at me now, I'm PROUD 
Stab! Stab! Turn it down! 
However I built something you CAN'T!
Bitch was treating me like a PLANT 
Fools still add people and say NOTHING? 
That's so 2006, fuck friends 
Fuck the list and the limit! 
Fuck making a status and sharing political bull 

Fuck it 

fuck it 

Guess what 12K!!?!? 

Fuck It!!!!!

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