Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Silence The Crowd

A little girl slit her wrist today 
Shame that kids called her gay 
A new way she is going show the world 
But her story ends at the end of the rope 
No hope, no class, Did you love today?
Or did you hate? 
Make fun of the way you portray life?
The big slice of the pie is hard to bite 
When it's made out of hate filling with "feelings" 
Now the problem is your wicked words 
You try to seek help but the bottle works fine 
The popping is satisfying 
Sleeping your life away and then being a slave
You try to save yourself with one foot in the grave
The bottle reads, happiness is blind 
The newspaper reads that everything is fine 
However the television says we are in danger 
Dying everyday and you should panic! 
How come you can't comprehend the news? 
So confused you are the last given right tool!! 
I hope you die a horrible death 
While the snake inhales your very last breath 

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